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I confirm that I am ordering the correct title, format, edition and quantity of the items in my shopping cart and request cageofghosts.com send these items. I understand I have a cooling-off period for physical books on this order and after that period expires, this purchase is deemed a firm sale (i.e. non returnable). I verify that these items are being purchased for personal or business use and are not being purchased for commercial resale.



Please note, there is no Cooling Off Period for the purchase of eBooks.

After you place your order you will receive an email confirming your purchase. You have a “one business day cooling off period” to cancel your order if you have changed your mind, to receive a full refund. After one business day all orders are firm sale.



cageofghosts.com will not allow you to add additional items to your original order and is unable to combine multiple orders after the payment for the first order is processed.



All prices are listed in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.



After you place your order you will be sent an email confirming your purchase.

  1. eBooks are delivered instantly.
  2. Stock will be shipped within the next three business days.
  3. A ‘shipped’ email will be sent once your order has been dispatched.



Customers who enter addresses that Australia Post have deemed having incorrect and have insufficient details to ensure delivery may result in the following:

  • Delayed delivery
  • Lost parcel
  • Package/s returned to cageofghosts.com

If cageofghosts.com is found to be responsible for incorrectly addressing a package then cageofghosts.com will be responsible for the resending, replacement or refund of the items not delivered or delayed.


Any package returned to cageofghosts.com due to the above incorrect and/or insufficient information will require an extra delivery charge of $6.95. Also, if cageofghosts.com has incurred extra fees to retrieve the package from Australia Post then these charges will also be borne by the customer before the package can be despatched again.

If a package is returned to cageofghosts.com due to the above incorrect and/or insufficient delivery issues and incurs damage to the item(s), cageofghosts.com will not be responsible for replacing the goods but will make every effort to add extra protection to resend the package once the extra delivery fee payments have been made.

Any shipment that is delayed or lost and is found to have had incorrect and/or insufficient details provided by the customer will not be covered by cageofghosts.com. NO REFUNDS are applicable.

If the package has the correct delivery information and is 'lost' by Australia Post, cageofghosts.com will replace the items only after you have checked with your local Post Office.



A credit card is charged for physical items after cageofghosts.com has confirmed availability. eBooks are charged immediately during the purchasing process, prior to delivery.

If cageofghosts.com is unable to charge a customer's credit card due to insufficient funds or other errors, then cageofghosts.com will attempt to contact the customer by email to rectify the issue. If the customer does not contact cageofghosts.com to resolve the issue then the order will be cancelled.



An order will be complete when either of the following occurs:

  1. All items were sent and delivered.
  2. The order has been cancelled during the cooling-off period.


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